Who is TMC

Who is TMC?

With experienced professionals from a broad cross-section of fleets, equipment suppliers, educators and service providers, no other industry trade association matches the real-world experience and technical expertise of TMC’s membership. By providing leadership support and opportunities to collaborate, TMC helps members develop the industry’s best practices that address the critical technology and maintenance issues that have the greatest impact on truck fleets. For more than 60 years, TMC’s member-driven Recommended Maintenance and Engineering Practices have been setting the standards that help trucking companies specify and maintain their fleets more effectively.

TMC develops industry-recognized recommended practices that are used by fleet managers to efficiently specify and maintain vehicles. TMC’s industry best practices also provide guidance to manufacturers in the design of their equipment.

TMC's predecessor organization began in 1956 as the Maintenance Committee of the Regular Common Carrier Conference (RCCC) when a small, but select group of maintenance directors sat down with representatives from the truck manufacturing community to discuss recurring equipment maintenance problems. In 1979, the organization joined the American Trucking Associations' federation as a technical council of ATA known at that time as "The Maintenance Council." In 2001, TMC changed its name to the Technology & Maintenance Council to better reflect its evolving mission.

Since then, TMC has grown into an organization of more than 2,300 members with representatives from virtually every sector of the industry: fleets, owner/operators, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, educators, press, association representatives and technicians.