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Drivers and VMRS

can be a difficult task. Using VMRS can...make these tasks much easier. VMRS Code.../driver condition report administration. VMRS...VMRS provides a standard method of linking

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VMRS Can Solve That

frustrating, but VMRS can provide a solution...tell you why a part was replaced. said that VMRS consistency and

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Warranty Dollars and VMRS

bottom line. This is where implementing VMRS...can be very helpful. VMRS supplies the...incorporating several VMRS Code Keys the ability to...track and report is made much easier. VMRS

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Importance of VMRS Training

training in the use of VMRS. A fleet wise to offer VMRS training to its...staff members of any changes in VMRS and...VMRS training. Remember that while

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VMRS and Ketchup!

varieties! What does this have to do with VMRS Code Key 33 - 29,829 to be exact...item. Nothing left to chance. VMRS contains...Nothing is left to chance in VMRS , no lucky

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VMRS News and Views

This is the start of the VMRS News and...Maintenance Reporting Standard (VMRS), the, the latest Certified VMRS Specialists...anything and everything pertaining to VMRS

(S.5) VMRS Codes Committee

Information Systems, 585-784-2707 The VMRS Codes...Maintenance Reporting Standard (VMRS) system. The...information and user problems between VMRS system

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VMRS session at the TMC Annual Meeting

attend the VMRS session at the upcoming Leveraging VMRS for Efficient Cost...VMRS expertise. You will learn the straight...facts about VMRS no matter your level of...VMRS! Be sure to attend

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Are You a Certified VMRS Specialist?

expertise in VMRS? Have you been looking for a...way to display your VMRS knowledge? Do you...VMRS Specialist? If you answered yes to any...sign up for TMC's Certified VMRS Specialist

TMC’s Certified VMRS Specialist Program Expands

in its growing list of Certified VMRS...Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS). VMRS is...Certified VMRS Specialists (from May 6 - June 5