• Invite a First-Time Attendee to TMC20!

    ‘Tis the season for sharing—so why not share an invitation to a fleet attendee for TMC’s 2020 Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition?! 

    From now until January 24, 2020, any first-time fleet attendee can receive a $200 discount off of their full meeting registration. Tell your colleagues to use PROMO CODE: TMC20FLTFIRST.

    And don’t forget about fleet attendees who have been to a TMC meeting before! From now until January 24, 2020, any fleet attendee can receive a $100 discount off of their full meeting registration. Tell your colleagues to use PROMO CODE: TMC20FLEET.

    Get all the details at: 

    And be sure to check out the meeting brochure at:

    See you in Atlanta! #TMCAnnual20
  • TMC Membership Renewals & 2020 Annual Meeting Registration Now OPEN!

    Membership renewals are now available online and invoices are being mailed out soon! If renewing online, click the link above and login using your credentials. Once logged in, click the welcome icon at the top of the page. On your account page you will see "Pay Open Balances" to the left (second from the bottom). This is where you will find your renewal.

    RENEW FIRST to receive a six-percent discount on your full meeting registration. Registration for TMC's 2020 Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition is now OPEN! 

    We have made some price changes to our meeting registrations that will highly benefit our members!

    Contact TMC offices with any questions or assistance you may need. Phone:703-838-1742

    We look forward to seeing everyone in Atlanta!
  • Lost & Found at the TMC 2019 Fall Meeting


    There was an Apple laptop charger (USB-C) found in room 306B of the Raleigh Convention Center along with a USB drive.

    If you or anyone you know of that has lost this, please email tmc at

    Thank you,
  • TMC's 2019 National Technician Skills Competitions

    In case you missed it: Here's a look at the 2019 TMC SuperTech and TMC FutureTech (sponsored by TechForce) champions! 
  • TMC CyberTech Station 2019

    Thank you to all the volunteers who supported our CyberTech Station!

  • 700th Episode of "Tech Talk With TMC" Radio Show

    Be sure to tune in TODAY at 10 a.m. (EST) for the 700th episode of “Tech Talk with TMC” featuring TMC's Executive Director Robert Braswell on The Dave Nemo Show on Sirius XM Channel 146!! Check out more about the show at: 
  • TMC Ballots 23 New/Revised Recommended Practices

    TMC is balloting 23 new or revised Recommended Practices (RPs) in advance of our 2019 Fall Meeting at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, N.C. Today, TMC members were sent official ballots via email if they wish to cast their votes and/or comments electronically (depending on voting rights). Members must cast their ballots/comments using the links provided by email -- voting does not take place on TMC Connect.  A link to the proposed RPs themselves however, is provided here.

    All TMC members will also receive via U.S. mail a copy of the official ballot. Members are asked to return all ballots and comments by September 9, 2019. Comments and voting results will be reviewed in public Monday, Tuesday, September 17, during TMC’s 2019 Fall Meeting at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, N.C. If you do not wish to complete the ballot online, you may return your printed ballot to TMC/ATA, 950 N. Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22203; Attn: Jack Legler; FAX: 703-838-1701; If you have any questions regarding any of these proposed RPs, or the RP development process, call TMC Technical Director Jack Legler at (703) 838-7956.
  • Identified June 2019 Tasks for TMC Associates Advisory Group

    Lilo has posted a list of tasks identified during the June 2019 Associates' Advisory Group conference call.

    Please review and comment on TMC Connect.
  • Have You Been Missing TMC's Email Notifications?

    TMC regularly sends email alerts and notifications of its upcoming events, new member benefits, council updates and product announcements. But with today's concerns over cybersecurity, not everyone is able to reliably receive emails from TMC due to spam filters, internal IT policies and other cyber protections.

    Here's how you can help.

    If you know of anyone who isn't receiving TMC emails, please share this information so they can "whitelist" TMC and start receiving them. 

    "White listing" TMC will help en­sure TMC notices get delivered to your email of record. To do so, be sure you or your IT department "white list" the following domain: or our dedicated IP Address so you won't miss important notices, such as meeting and registration notices, additional benefits and more. This is a great way to in the know of what is going on in your council! 

    TMC Connect, the Council’s online collaborative work and social me­dia platform, can also provide you instant or daily digests on announcements, updates, new posts and uploads to any community site on the service. For ex­ample, if you are a member of a particular task force, you can get instant or daily digest alerts on whatever has been shared within the task force community on TMC Connect. But it only works if you "whitelist" the TMC Connect domain in your email server.  

    "White listing" TMC Connect will help en­sure TMC Connect notices get delivered to your email of record. To do so, be sure you or your IT department "white list" both of the following domains "" "@" so you won't miss important notices, such as conference call times/access information, and other task force/study group activity in your community site of interest.

    You also can get up­dates whenever presentations are posted (with permission of the present­er) on TMC Connect after TMC's annual and fall meetings. This is a great way to make effective use of this valuable TMC member resource.
  • 2019 RP Supplement Now Available Online for Members!

    TMC's 2019 Recommended Practices Supplement is now available online for TMC members.  Just logon to the file at this link using your TMC Connect credentials.  Features nearly 600 pages of new, revised or reissued RPs adopted since March 2018.
  • Register NOW for TMC's Fleet Data Management & Cybersecurity Conference

    Registration is now open for TMC's Fleet Data Management & Cybersecurity Conference being held June 26 at ATA/TMC Headquarters in Arlington, VA.

    Click here to register and click here for more info!

    When registering, please allow 72 hours for processing and once processed, 24 hours to receive your confirmation.

    You can call TMC at 703-838-1763 with any questions about the meeting. You can email ATA's Registrations department at

    See you in Arlington!
  • TMC 2019 Annual Meeting Highlights

    Just in case you missed it—here are some more highlights from TMC's 2019 Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in Atlanta!
  • TMC 2019 Annual Meeting Webinar: What to Expect at TMC in Atlanta

    All meeting attendees are invited to a webinar "Preparing for the TMC Annual Meeting" on Wednesday, February 13 at 1 pm EST.
    TMC Executive Director Robert Braswell, TMC Director of Council Development Janet Howells-Tierney and TMC Technical Director Jack Legler will present on the following topics:

    • How to prepare for the Annual Meeting to realize the best return on your time and investment 
    • How to use the Mobile App to enhance your meeting experience.
    • How to use our online community, TMC Connect, to keep up to date on everything going on in TMC and to enhance your ability to participate fully in the development of TMC Recommended Practices, Information Reports and Position Papers.

    Please register now by clicking here. Once you have registered, you will be sent a reminder shortly before the webinar which will contain the call-in number for the audio feed.
  • Last Chance for Feedback to proposed eTRU RP

    Hello,  I have had very little additional feedback following the fall meeting on this RP.   I would anticipate being able to recommend this to vote following the spring meeting.   So, this is the last call for revisions and changes to the RP.   Draft is available under shared files or email me directly.   Thank you