• TMC Releases Updated Troubleshooting Ride Complaints Manual

    ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) has released an updated version of its Troubleshooting Ride Complaints manual.  The newly revised manual features 100-pages of information on how to identify, evaluate and troubleshoot ride complaints. 

    TMC’s Troubleshooting Ride Complaints manual is based on TMC Recommended Practice 648A, Troubleshooting Ride Complaints, and features expanded ride condition diagnostics, updated flowcharts and a new vibration and ride diagnostic quick reference guide. It also standardizes the terminology associated with these issues to improve communication between drivers and technicians.

    During the past 15 years, trucks and tractors have evolved into complex vehicles with many variations. Both fleet and driver expectations have risen dramatically during this time and companies now often specify premium vehicles to encourage driver retention. Many design and component changes have improved vehicle performance. But while overall ride quality has improved, elevated expectations have helped increase ride complaints.

    TMC’s Troubleshooting Ride Complaints manual helps equipment users and maintenance operations pinpoint issues that cause driver discomfort and reduced equipment performance such as vibration, shimmy, harsh ride, poor handling, pitch/backslap, instability, bounce/hop and vehicle hard to recover. Developed by TMC members and industry experts, the manual is the definitive guide for diagnosing commercial vehicle ride complaints. 

    Discounts available for multiple quantities/bulk orders. Customized covers also available upon request.

    TMC's Troubleshooting Ride Complaints