• Top Five Fleet Maintenance Concerns of TMC Members

    Here's a quick item you might find interesting.

    We surveyed TMC members recently about what were their top 5 maintenance concerns that keep them up at night.


    Of those responding (with 85 possible choices from which to select) these were the top five reported in decending order:


    -- 19 percent said Parts Shortage/Availability was the #1 issue.

    -- 14 percent said Technician Shortage

    -- 9.5 percent said Aftertreatment

    -- 9.5 percent said Cost Containment

    -- 9.5 percent said New Equipment Availability (Trucks, Tractors, Trailers)


    Eight other selections were given as top concerns, but these all garnered less than 5 percent.


    The eight were:



    Crash costs




    Root Cause Analysis

    Technician Staffing

    Technician Training