• ADAS Videos Win Recognition For TMC, FMCSA, Tech-Celerate Now Partners

    ADAS Videos Win Recognition For TMC, FMCSA, Tech-Celerate Now Partners. The team’s video production group, led by Global-5, was recognized as a 2022 Online Video Award Winner from The Communicator Awards for the videos created as part of the program’s industry outreach activities.  The four videos highlight the safety benefits ADAS technologies and feature Bogie the beagle conveying the point that just as a faithful dog can be a “trusted companion” to truck drivers, so too can ADAS technologies.  Click the following link to see the videos: (
    The FMCSA Tech-Celerate Now program team consisted of the following entities:  Noblis, a not-for-profit technical organization, was the prime contractor. ATRI and ATA served as the primary liaisons with the trucking industry for this project and played active roles in project outreach, and the OOIDA Foundation served as liaison to the owner-operator community. Global-5 produced project videos. 

    Tech-Celerate Now is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) program, with funding and technical support from the Department’s Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office (JPO), for accelerating the adoption of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in the commercial motor vehicle industry.

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