• S5 VMRS Code Committee Meeting

    As part of the TMC 2022 Spring Meeting the S.5 VMRS Codes Committee will conduct a public meeting on Monday March 7, 2022 from 3pm - 4pm local time.

    The Agenda will be as follows:
    1. Introduction - P. Moszak
    2. Review ATA antitrust guidelines - P. Moszak
    3. VMRS Update - J. Poster
    4. EV VMRS Codes Update - J. Poster
    5. Open VMRS Discussion - ALL

    To register for the TMC 2022 Fall Meeting go HERE

    Paul G Moszak
    VMRS Codes Committee Chairman
    Vice President & Heavy Duty Evangelist
    MOTOR Information Systems
    Office 585.789.1691