• Average Standard Repair Times (SRT) for 98 Commonly Performed Labor Tasks

    Thirty-four TMC member fleet and service provider members responded to TMC’s fourth “Fleet & Service Provider Average Standard Repair Time (SRT) Survey,” which was administered in the second half of 2022. The purpose of the study was to aid in establishing baseline repair times that will improve shop productivity and profitability. This is the third year that TMC has conducted the survey, providing a three-year comparison of year-to-year SRT data.

    The survey was based on Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) making it easier to aggregate repair times. Participants were asked to provide the time in hours to install specific parts or to perform needed labor in their facilities, not the rates that participants necessarily charge their customers.


    Data presented in this report is based on the labor description and the corresponding VMRS Code Keys for each task using VMRS Code Keys 15 (Work Accomplished) and 33 (Component Code). Repair and replacement of automatic transmissions and clutch assemblies were reported to be the most labor intensive tasks fol- lowed by EGR cooler, overhaul fifth wheel, and repair/replace intake manifold gasket. Conversely, the list of top 10 least labor intensive tasks was dynamic as compared to last year, with lubricate fifth wheel topping the list for 2022. Four new items joined the list in 2022 displacing four others from 2021. Eighty (80) tasks increased in time to complete task; 17 decreased; one was unchanged.


    Download the report here.