Review Your Community Involvement on TMC Connect

By John Legler posted 12-17-2019 08:35

One of the great things about TMC Connect is that is gives you notifications on all of the activities in Study Groups and Task Forces and the ability to interact real time in the RP Development Process as drafts are being prepared for public review at the next TMC Meeting. You recieve notifications via email based on the preferences you set in your TMC Connect Profile.

What does it take to be plugged in?  Other than certain committees that are invitation only, all you have to do is explore under the "Communities" tab (located just to the right of "Home" on the top ribbon).  You can look at Study Groups, Task Forces, or other communities to find those that are of interest and in which you wish to share your expertise.  You can also use the "Community Navigator" feature to expand everything in one place. To join any of the open communities, simply click on the "Join" button for that respective goup and you are in.

One thing to be aware of is that the Study Group Community is just for the business of the SG itself. You still need to join each Task Force in order to be a member of those working groups where the actual RP development takes place. When you attend a live TMC Task Force meeting and sign the "green sheet" indicating your willingness to participate, we automatically add you to that community.  Study Group officers are also reminded of the need to join the communities for each of the Task Forces under their SG.

Thanks for your attention and get ready to have a great TMC Annual Meeting in February.