ATA Seeks Input To OSHA's Review of Powered Indutrial Trucks Regulatory Review

By John Legler posted 05-27-2019 07:04

ATA's Policy Department has requested this announcement be circulated to TMC members for input.

OSHA released a Request for Information reviewing the Agency’s requirements for Powered Industrial Trucks (PITs). Attached are the specific questions OSHA has requested public comment on.
OSHA plans to use the information received in response to the RFI to determine what action, if any, it may take to reduce regulatory burdens. If you believe OSHA’s requirements for PITs are too vague, overly burdensome, or not strict enough this is your opportunity to reform OSHA’s regulations on PITs.
Besides providing feedback on the attached questions, ATA staff is most interested in obtaining specific feedback on the following five questions by COB Friday, May 31st.
  1. OSHA requires formal and practical training for new operators of PITs. An evaluation of those operators is required at least every three years. Refresher training is required after an unsafe event, assigned to a different type of PIT, or when an evaluation shows retaining is needed. Should OSHA’s training requirements be amended? Are there ways OSHA can reduce the burdens of training?
  2. Does your company provide the OSHA required PIT Training in-house or is it outsourced to a third party?
  3. ATA’s has come out in opposition to mandatory seat belt use for PITs in the past. The current ANSI standards support mandatory use. Should ATA continue to oppose mandatory seat belt use on PITs or support the ANSI consensus standard? Since many states already require mandatory use when the seat belt is available.  
  4. If OSHA decides to revise the standards based on the most recent ANSI and NFPA standards, what requirements, if any, in ANSI/ITSDF B56.1a-2018 and NFPA 505-2018 would make it difficult or impossible for older equipment to be in compliance?
  5. Have you retrofitted PITs in the past? Including the use of aftermarket equipment such as a back-up camera or perimeter sensor alarm? Or rollover protection or enclosures?
ATA advised that Fleet Member response to this request has  be minimal and time is short.  The deadline is May 31.  Should you wish to provide feedback to ATA for its comments to OSHA, please respond directly to Abigail Potter, 703-838-0847. Email: